Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

helio-sharedTODO: Add description in helio-shared/pom.xml
helio-queryserviceThis is the parent project of all services that use and implement the query service.
helio-registryclientClient libary to access the HELIO IVOA registry.
HELIO Taverna Server Interface-
helio-cisThis is the parent project of the components related to the community interaction service.
helio-hpsThis is the parent project of the components related to the Processing Service.
helio-dpasThis release contains the first connection to the VSO
helio-smsTODO: Add description to helio-sms/pom.xml
helio-clientParent project of the helio client API and all implementations.
helio-frontendParent project for modules related to the HELIO Frontend.
helio-idlclientTODO: Add description in helio-idlclient/pom.xml
helio-monitoringThis module provides the Helio Monitoring Service which offers monitoring information about the Helio services. It executes three stages (ping, method call, testing) which result in different testing data. These information are then delivered to Nagios a monitoring tool for IT infrastructures to be displayed. The Helio Monitoring Service provides an interface to ask for these information.